Social Policy Research Unit - University of York

Public Poster and download telling the story of Aida and John as they navigate social care funding

Public Poster and download telling the story of Aida and John as they navigate social care funding

Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at University of York use visual storytelling and animation to revolutionise access to advice for self funding social care in the U.K.

The Hero

SPRU are a group of researchers at the University of York striving to change social care services in the UK for the better through evidence-based policy recommendations.

The Challenge

Following research into the barriers to self-funding social care for elderly people, the team wanted an accessible way to give advice to self funders and their families to make their money go further. They also needed to communicate their research outputs to an academic audience.

The Solution

We came up with a suite of visual stories across different media to ensure that self funders had easy access to understandable information about their social care finances:

  • An A4 poster and downloadable leaflet telling the story of ‘John’ and ‘Aida’ to demonstrate the best sources of advice for self-funding later life care

  • An A4 illustrated booklet to communicate research findings to an academic audience

  • A two minute animation bringing their story to life and signposting audiences to appropriate advice and guidance services

  • A slide deck for presenting the above at conferences and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the U.K

The Outcome

With all the above hosted on the Getting Informed website, the team have seen an increase in traffic and referrals to self funding advice groups across the U.K.

Working together was fun; hard but helpful to distill messages into key points, communication was good, well organised processes, appreciated the fact that you're a good listener and good at translating research findings into something people will understand.’

Dr Kate Baxter, SPRU Project Lead